Daniel Mueller’s bed and breakfast

Welcome to Daniel Mueller’s bed and breakfast. We have been in this location, known as Casa Daniel Mueller, since 2005. We are committed to providing you with luxury of the highest standards in a quiet, serene retreat that you won’t want to leave.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sound of a babbling brook as you walk up to this two-story, Italian-style stucco villa. As you turn the handle of a quaint wedding courtyard gate, you enter a world carefully crafted for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. The stress of a busy world begins slipping away as you descend into this garden of flowers, blooming water plants, symmetrical waterfalls, a koi pond, and both water and land turtles that call this Eden their home. Everywhere you look there are walls of star jasmine which, when in bloom, produce an amazing, sweet aroma. Throughout this intimate, cozy space there are places for couples to sit, chat, and unwind.

Although your private courtyard is engrossing, you walk through the 10-foot-high glass front door and enter deeper into the wonders of your sanctuary. As you approach the front door, your view through it takes you through the house, straight to a large tiled deck overlooking the widest part of Lake Travis. Gleaming hardwood floors and 30-foot-high ceilings welcome you. Travertine, granite, and wood have been crafted together in one unified design that invokes awe at the laborers behind it—master craftsmen, passionate about their art. Over the years, dozens of artists have left their mark on these walls. No place remains untouched by their hands. This shows in every detail, everywhere you look.

Hand-drawn murals of Tuscan scenes and Italian architecture abound. You feel like you’ve gone back in time to a day when large pieces of real stone held up real walls. Drawn into the kitchen, you cannot help but admire the intricate stonework, which is also found in the master bath and bedroom. A 30-foot wall of windows overlooking the lake basin beckons to you. As you venture out onto the deck you see a well-landscaped yard, with roses, hibiscus, magnolias, and more … and a hot tub kept at 104° all year round.

Perhaps the best features of this hideaway are the most amazing sunsets and moonrises we’ve ever seen. Consistently, the sunrises are intensely colorful and enchanting, as you are in one of the highest spots in the city of Austin, looking down at the valley below.

Every room that you go to has a unique flair, something interesting, something special. Each space provides a different experience, and a tour of our homepage will have you wanting to try out each of these bedrooms. Quietly, behind the scenes, sophisticated technology provides you innovative systems and not-so-innovative, but much-appreciated, high-speed Wi-Fi.

Weekly maid service, a gardener, and a groundskeeper make this a well-served environment where all you need to do is lie back, relax, and enjoy!

About Daniel J Mueller

Daniel J Mueller currently resides in Austin TX, where he is President and Senior Partner of SOLID Executive Partners, LLC. The company is a national leader in CEO advising, senior executive coaching and C-suite consulting. Mueller has three decades worth of experience as an executive and has served in four CEO roles. He is regarded as an early pioneer of the CEO advising and senior executive coaching industry.

Mueller’s background in organization design and development (OD) has helped develop his advising and coaching approach. Senior executives are continually impressed by his determination to create practical, results-oriented custom-tailored solutions.

Between 1990 and 1996, Mueller headed a national OD consultancy called Solid Foundation International Inc. As President and CEO, he added executive assessment and coaching offerings that tripled revenues in less than two years. By designing quantitative leadership and management skill analysis tools, Mueller coached more than 150 leaders.

He has published books such as, Training Skills for Leaders, on incidental workplace learning, and Service BUILDS Sales, a core text in the coach-the-coach curriculum of SOLID Executive’s CEO advising program. With more than a dozen publications to his name, Mueller is at the cutting edge of information technology, having created a cloud-based solution for developing next-generation leaders.

Prior to Solid Foundation International Inc., Mueller served as President and CEO of a management consultancy called MAI in Austin TX. There, he advanced his training and experience in organizational design and development. In 1990, Organizational Leadership and Development Inc. acquired the company.

In 1982, Mueller led a training and development firm specializing in the healthcare industry. At Wellness Consultant Inc., Mueller added management consulting services, expanded services into other vertical markets and increased profits by more than 45% each year. During his four-year term as President and CEO, he gained expert training in curriculum development, behavioral sciences and a formulated a comprehensive executive coaching program.

Prior to entering the world of executive coaching, Daniel J Mueller began his career as a personal trainer in 1970s.

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